Long Live for Long Skirts

Should there be a trend that never goes out of fashion, it would be the passion for long skirt.  It’s one of the classics in clothing style that never dies.

Every now and then, fashion industry introduces an in-thing on wardrobe.  Vintage, retro, and rockabilly styles took most part of 1950s; Victorian and hippy clothes in 1960s; punks in 1970s; hip hops in 1980s and 1990s; and in 2000s, anything goes with a touch of futuristic and techno designs.

But no matter how these styles flooded every one’s closet, for women, the fervor for long skirt never fades.  In fashion runways, fashion designers and trend aficionados never miss those modish long skirts.  With all the styles and designs introduced, long skirts had overcome the tests of time over the passed centuries.  Women from all walks of life wore them in their own choice of fabrics and cuts, simply non-decorated or embroidered with sequins, beads, and laces.

Looking at different perspectives, women have implicit and obvious reasons for having long skirts their passion.

As apparel, long skirt is the most modest today.  Almost all types of clothing one can see in most women nowadays reveal delicate parts of the body, enticing something unethical and immoral thoughts and acts.  With long skirt, a woman can keep secret what must be kept in secret.

At present, long skirts are considered trendsetters.  But for people who have worn them first, they are for protection.  They wore them very long and loose-fitting.  It was not in 19th and 20th centuries only that long skirts were introduced.  Even women in the ancient times such as the Israelites, wore long skirts mainly for protection and obedience to a commandment given to them – not to wear clothing that are of men.

Long skirt is more than a fashion material.  It plays a vital role in gender identification.  Because its creation was primarily intended for women, it gives everybody an impression that someone wearing a long skirt is a woman.  Long skirts accentuate a woman’s femininity and help to easily distinguish a female from a male.

Women’s passion for long skirt is beyond fashion.  As long as a woman exists, there will be a trend for long skirts.

Bring Out Your True Colors

Are you having a hard time choosing which color brings out that smart look in you?

A person should know how to use colors more effectively to enhance his personality.  Choice of colors is not expensive, but it can add a lot to achieve that smart look.

Sometimes, your choice of color depends upon your mood and your character.  A bright, red dress may disturb you if you are shy and retiring.  If you are a dynamic person, a delicate pastel may not look right on you.

The best colors are found in one’s body’s natural color scheme – one’s skin, hair, eyes, and lips.

If you have a rosy complexion, you will look well in shades of red and orange tones.  Beige with touches of brown is flattering for you.

Here are other colors that will complement you:

Beige – Your best beige is the color of your skin. Match it exactly.

Brown – Your best brown is your hair color.

Gray – If you have reached the gray-hair stage of life, your best gray is the color of your gray hair.  Avoid gray that looks muddy or dull when placed next to your skin.

White or Off-Whites – Your best white should not be whiter or brighter than your teeth.  People with brown-beige skin look good in brownish off-whites.  Almost everyone should avoid grayish whites.

Red – Your best shade of red is your body’s natural blood color.  It is the color you turn when you blush or flush.  You can see it in the palms of your hands and the inside of your lower lip.

Blue – If blue is your eye color, match it.  If it isn’t in your eyes, it is a complementary color for you.

Green – Just like blue, the green of your eye color is your best green.  The best green is one with a clear tone or closest to a jade or emerald green.  Yellow-greens are harder to wear.

Yellow – Most people have yellow in their eyes.  The best yellow to use is the one that is not too bright for your coloring.  The hardest to use are lemon yellow and mustard gold.

Black – Some look good in pure black.  Others, the best shade would be a brown black or blue black.  If your hair is black, black will be a very effective color for you.

Navy – Navy can be nautical blue, bright navy, or royal navy.  Your best navy color is determined by noting what it does to your skin tone.  If it dulls it, avoid it.

Advancing or warm colors like reds, yellow, and oranges make an object appear larger.  Blues, greens, violets – called retreating colors, make a person appear smaller or far away.

Lightness, brightness, shades, and clarity are also attributes of colors you need to consider.  Light colors transmit more light.  Brightness is that attribute by which an area is judged to emit more or less light.  Brightness varies from invisible to dazzling.

As to shades of a color, examples of shades of red are brick red, fire red, and rose red.  Clarity refers to the clearness or purity of a color.

What makes color more effective?  It is simply the way it looks on you, against your skin, your hair, your eyes – in short, your overall coloring.


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Does your perfume smell good in the bottle?  Beware!  It may not be the right one for you.

One’s own body chemistry will tell if the scent is just right or not.  The secret is knowing one’s skin chemistry and the factors that causes it to change.

What one eat may determine how the perfume may smell on him.  One who consumes high amount of fat in their diet will likely house a scent stronger than low fat consumers.

One with dry skin may need to apply fragrance more frequently than those with oily skins.  Oils keep the scent stay longer in one’s body.

Children, teens, and adults undergo hormonal changes.  It is therefore important to consider one’s age in choosing the right scent.

Stress is also a factor why a body chemistry change.  Fragrance may smell different when one sweats or experiences anxiety.

Normally, pregnant women would dislike fragrances they one liked so much.

When choosing the right fragrance, make sure that people will only smell the scent at arm’s length afar.  If further than that, you might be using the wrong scent for your personal body chemistry.

Do not try more than three variants at a time, overdoing it will affect your sense of smell.  Test the products directly on the skin preferably on the pulse points found at the base of the throat, behind the ears, wrists, behind the knees, in the crook of the elbow, and inside the ankles.

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Boxing is not a sport

Why one must not be too engrossed with boxing?

“Biblically, boxing is not a sport,” says televangelist Bro. Eli Soriano during MCGI’s regular Thanksgiving.  Bro. Eli leads the Members Church of God International and hosts the popular television program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path).

Any activity or game deemed by people as sport that, in any manner, hurt or bruise the physical body is not a sport at all.

Sports is an activity done for pleasure, not to hurt people. The term was coined from a Middle English word sporte, short for disporte, and from Old French desport which means pleasure.

Unlike other sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and the likes, players aim mainly for the ball to score while boxers direct the blow at each other to knock the other out. Oftentimes, both fighters leave the ring with black eyes and bloated lips, some lifeless.

Boxing is not a sport.  Cases of death during or after a boxing match is much higher compared to accidental death of players in any other sports.

On April 5, 2005, Becky Zerlentes’ final Golden Gloves match led her to her “final destination” after a knockout loss.  T.R. Reid of Washington Post reported, “In the third round of a sanctioned amateur fight, the geography teacher from Fort Collins, Colo., took a right cross to the side of the head and hit the canvas.  Sunday afternoon, without ever regaining consciousness, she was pronounced dead.  The medical examiner in Denver said she was killed by blunt-force trauma to the head.”

At 35, Leavender Johnson died from injuries five days after a lightweight title fight.  In his September 22, 2005 report, Sean Alfano of CBS News wrote, “He walked from the ring, but on the way to the dressing room began showing signs of an injury.  He was rushed to University Medical Center (UMC), where neurosurgeon William Smith operated on him to relieve pressure from a subdural hematoma, or bleeding on the brain.

His death follows the July 2 death of Mexican boxer Martin Sanchez, who died a day after he was knocked out by Rustam Nugaev of Russia in a super lightweight fight in Las Vegas. That death was the fifth in the ring since 1994 in the city.

Before Sanchez died, two other fighters suffered brain injuries but survived after fights this year in Las Vegas.”

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Converse with English songs

There are many ways to learn how to speak English for non-Americans.  One can read books, watch English films, or hire a tutor for fast learning.  But there is one easy and fast way to learn the language – memorize English songs.

The following are excerpts from popular songs useful for giving advices, delivering speeches, or even in ordinary conversation.  Read them conversationally!

For a friend in pain and sorrows, try these lines from Lean On Me: “Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrows.  But if we are wise we know that there’s always tomorrow.”

With these word’s from one’s mouth, everyone will know how he feels losing a loved one: “She’s out of my life, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

“In my eyes you’ll see what a beautiful life can be.  In my eyes you’ll be a witness to reality” can be one’s response when ask where one can see and witness the beauty of life.

For anyone who wants to stay simple and dodge from the world’s fads and crazes, simply say “Don’t go trying some new fashion, don’t change the color of your hair.”

“What matters most is how well we loved each other” will be a propping statement for sweethearts amidst relationship trials.  And the promise to give one’s life for one’s partner will surely ties the knot stronger – “All my life, without a doubt I’ll give all my life.”

In a gathering for a common and humanitarian cause, these lyrics from The Promise are worth included in one’s speech: “We are here gathered for a reason to serve our God, the people and the nation.  Working hand in hand for peace and unity in service to humanity, for you and for me.”

Lyrics of the songs can be poetic when used in conversation; but learn the style on how to deliver them properly and it could be your easiest and fastest means to communicate in English fluently.

The key to extra strength

Being focused gives extra strength.

“When you are not disturbed, you can transfer one part of your strength to the other part of your body,” says Daniel Razon, a veteran Filipino broadcaster and sportsperson himself.

Skill, techniques and strength are keys to winning a match especially in any sports. But something has to be added for a sure win – concentration. In arm wrestling, the victor is believed to have greater strength than his opponent. However, the one with lesser strength and who knows little techniques sometimes wins over his stronger rival because he is more focused.

One draws himself to whatever he concentrates upon that is why he can reserve all his body’s strength for a particular action.